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NCSHHH is About Projects

This page summarizes the projects that NCSHHH has embarked upon over the years. Some are finished, some are on-going. See the Projects.

All require the efforts of the many volunteers who have made NCSHHH an organization that's so important in their lives and for Hard of Hearing People in North Carolina.

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List of Projects

Click on the project you're interested in to go directly to that section of our projects page.

If you have an idea for a project or something that should be documented with these existing projects, please send email to:

Projects and Project Categories

Project Category Project Description and Other Information
Accessibility This project is designed to provide awareness among hard of hearing people about accessible resources, and to recognize business, churches, museums, public accommodations or other organizations that make their services accessible to us.

This is an on-going project to produce and maintain web pages defining accessible venues for communities across North Carolina (See the Accessibility Tables.)

Your input and help in expanding the list is sought. If you know of or or willing to help compile information about accessibility for hard of hearing people for any area in North Carolina, please contact Steve Barber.

Advocacy NCSHHH has frequently taken positions on issues of interest to Hard of Hearing people and promoted those positions through letters, presentation or attendance at rallys. Actions/positions taken include:
  • Letter to Secretary of DHHS opposing the merger of DSDHH, VR, DSB. NCSHHH representatives attended two rallys at the North Carolina Legislature in opposing the closing of the North Carolina Central School for the Deaf and presented testimony at one legislative committee meeting. NCSHHH, along with NCAD representatives, met with legislators supporting the expansion of the Regional Resource Centers' (RRC) budget to include Hard of Hearing Specialists positions and other improvements ... resulting in a 1.6 million dollar commitment to the RRCs.
  • ?
Boards, Commissions and Councils NCSHHH representatives serve on various boards, commissions and councils across North Carolina to represent the interests of people with hearing loss. Check out the NCSHHH's involvement in and needs for Boards, Commissions and Councils.
Chapter Materials: Shared Programs The NCSHHH web site is now hosting a trial of shared, downloadable program materials. The idea came from the SHHH Chapter Leaders list when it became too difficult to share such material through the Yahoo Group's Files system. See the Shared Programspage to see a list of programs that you may want to download and use with your chapter. The page also describes the usage guidelines. We encourage you to submit any program material you might have that meets the guidelines and would be conveniently shared with other chapters using this site.

Please submit any material you might have to

Please feel free to use the material for any SHHH meetings or for SHHH outreach programs. Permission is granted to download, copy, adapt, and publicly use or distribute any of the items in this Chapter Resources section in support of SHHH's goals.

Chapter Materials: Other In addition to program materials, above, you may download other potentially useful material for chapters by clicking on the links below. Some of the objects require you to have certain programs on your computer, such as MS Word, MS Publisher, MS Excel or Adobe Acrobat. If you need help, please email
Community Service The following "projects" were developed by NCSHHH volunteers for fun and education:
  • NCSHHH provided free Ear Plugs for Kids at Charlotte Motor Speedway
Conferences NCSHHH sponsored a Mini-Conference, Sound Device, Sound Advice, for people interested in hearing loss. The one day event was conducted in Raleigh, NC on 30 April, 2001 and again in Charlotte, NC on May 2, 2001.

Special Guest speakers included Bev Biderman, Author of "Wired for Sound", and Gael Hannan, a long time long-time actor in community theater, who presented a one-woman play that illuminates how hearing loss impacts on a person's life and relationships.

See Slide Show with images from photos taken by Beth Wilson at the

NCSHH Helps Sponsor SERID Conference: NCSHHH is proud to have sponsored two sessions related to hearing loss at the Southeast Regional Institute on Deafness Conference in October 2005 in Asheville, NC. Hope you didn't miss out. For more information, see SERID Conference Web Page.

Education and Fun Stuff The following "projects" were developed by NCSHHH volunteers for fun and education:
  • Communication Tips for HoH and Hearing
  • History of Hearing Loss (tongue-in-cheek)
  • 3D Model of an Inner Ear
    Note: to see this model, you:
    • Must have a reasonably fast computer.
    • Have the latest Shockwave plugin installed (it's a free download if you don't have it).
    • Have the Nxview-to-Shockwave InterPlay interface in your browser's cache (it's free and automatic if it's not there).
    • Must wait for the required plugin or interface and the model to download (only a few seconds each on a broadband, but a couple of minutes on dialup).
Minutes of NCSHHH Meetings The following NCSHHH meeting minutes are available and can be seen by clicking on the dates that are active links below. If you have electronic copies of any of the missing meeting minutes, please send them to me at Even if you can just find hard copies, let me know, please.
Newsletters NCSHHH has published two newsletters:

A 1996 newsletter was published by Steve Barber following the Breaking the Sound Barrier Conference. Hardcopy is still available, and I'm working on making it available for download ... perhaps only as an image file, since it was developed in out of date software.

Dr. Anne McIntosh published an NCSHHH Newsletter in July of 2002. It can be accessed, here, as:

  • A Word Document, which will download the file to your computer, but you must have MS Word to open and view it. This option will appear exactly as the original.
  • A Web Page, which will display directly as a web page in your browser. Since this format was exported from MS Word and converted to a web page, there may be minor formatting differences between the original and the way it appears in your browser.
Recognition NCSHHH has recognized some of the people who have made a significant difference for hard of hearing people in North Carolina.
SHHH NCSHHH has provided support of SHHH including:
  1. Dr. Miriam Clifford led the NCSHHH participation in the SHHH State Office Project that resulted in two letters to SHHH detailing recommendations for establishing SHHH state-level organizations.
  2. Dr. Alison Turner served as State Coordinator for several years.
  3. Susan Wilson Susan Wilson served as State Coordinator for several years.
  4. Steve Barber is a volunteer moderator on the SHHH Chapter Leaders' Yahoo Group.
  5. Dianna Attaway is serving as SHHH State Coordinator for North Carolina.

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