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With any non-profit, it's people that make the difference. On this page, you can meet the people that have made and are making a difference in North Carolina. As you can see, it takes a lot of people, but HLANC has been lucky to have a great combination of volunteers and agency representatives across the state who have helped make HLANC a success.

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The founders worked for years to create NCSHHH and got it recognized by SHHH (now, HLAA) as the first SHHH State Association in the country.

Dorothy Allen
Joan Black
John Black
Pat Carrier
Dr. Ed Clifford
Dr. Miriam Clifford
Bill Shugart
Ron Venezia
Ron Vickery
Myra White

Trustee Emeriti

HLANC has formally recognized these Trustees with Emeritus status (Non-Voting).

Dorothy Allen
Joan Black (At Large)
John Black (At Large)
Dr. Ed Clifford
Dr. Miriam Clifford
Dr. Alison Turner

Past Trustees

HLANC remembers and appreciates the support of these past Trustees.

Frank Abernathy
Andy Andrews
Marty Birnbaum
Joan Black (At Large)
John Black (At Large)
Benita Burton
Dare Carden
Pat Carrier
Pamela Jackson
Kelli King (Charlotte)
Janet McGettrick (Wake)
Nancy McKeel
Anne McIntosh
Bill Shugart
Carol Williamson
Hal Van Pelt
Ron Venezia
Ron Vickery

Current Officers

These are the HLANC officers for 2013.

Julie Bishop (President)
Tim Boyd (Vice President)
Joyce Adler (Secretary)
Deborah Stroud (Treasurer)

Current Trustees

These are the (Voting) Trustees.

Joyce Adler (At Large)
Ken Alterman (At Large)
Roberta Alterman (At Large)
Dianna Attaway (Hendersonville)
Steve Barber (Wake)
Julie Bishop (Wake)
Cheryl Bivens (Durham)
Tim Boyd
Sandy Burnette (Parent)
Bill Crowley (Winston-Salem)
Beverly Elwell (Charlotte)
Michael Eury (At Large)
Wayne Giese (Blue Ridge)
Cynthia Harmon (At Large)
Ruth Miller (Chapel Hill)
Lorene Roberson (At Large)
Bill Shugart (Winston-Salem)
Elizabeth Strachan (Charlotte)
Deborah Stroud (At Large)
Myra White (Charlotte)

Wilmington: TBD
Asheville: TBD
Wilson: TBD
Tryon: TBD

Note: Every NC Chapter is encouraged to suggest up to three HLANC trustees to represent their Chapter. If you don't see your chapter in the above list of Current Trustees, please encourage someone to volunteer. Even if you can't make the meetings, your chapter can participate electronically.


North Carolina is fortunate to have professionals Division of Services for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing (DSDHH) representatives helping HLANC (non-Voting).

Karen Caputo (Wilson)
Jeff Mobley (DSDHH)
Pam Poretti (Wilmington)
Judith Pattillo (Asheville)
Cynthia Harmon (Morganton)
Kay Satterwhite (Raleigh)

Susan Wilson (Charlotte)

Go to the Regional Resource Center web page

In addition to the normal Regional Resource Offices, above, the Hard of Hearing Specialists staff part time, satellite offices in other locations: Learn More.


HLANC is a lot more than Trustees. We appreciate the support of these people, too.

Loveeta Baker
Joanna Chantemerle
Dave Clark
Randy Collins
Sherri Collins
Pat Conley
Jean Deese
Dr. Craig Greene
Donna Phoenix
Rachael Ragin
Dr. Frank R. Turk
Lydia Wheeler

In Memoriam

Our losses are great, but will not be forgotten.

Rosemary Andrews
Dr. Ed Clifford
Dr. Miriam Clifford
Dr. James Parker
Dr. Alison Turner
Richard Wilson

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