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NCSHHH Recent News and Announcements

In Memoriam: Dr. Miriam Clifford
HLA-NC has lost one of its founding Trustees with the death of Mimi Clifford. Mimi was a powerhouse advocate for people with hearing loss on several fronts. She

  • helped start the Durham Chapter
  • was a founding Trustee of HLA-NC
  • started and ran several listserves of international import related to hearing loss and to assistance animals
  • served on the North Carolina Council for Deaf and Hard of Hearing
  • served on the North Carolina Mental Health Advisory Board
  • received wide recognition when she was inducted in the Disability Hall of Fame.

Mimi will be missed by many people. See her profile linked from the People Page.

SHHH Name Change: Bethesda, Maryland: The Board of Trustees of Self Help for Hard of Hearing People (SHHH) voted to change the name of the organization to the Hearing Loss Association of America on November 6, 2005 during their fall meeting.

NCSHHH supports this change and looks forward with hope that the new name will help Hearing Loss Association of America (HLAA) better fullfill the dream Rocky Stone to make hearing loss a national concern. See the whole press release. We will be working with HLAA over the next few months to choose appropriate and compatible names for our State Association and Local Chapters.

Congratulations to NCSHHH 2006 Officers: At the November 2005 meeting, the new officers for NCSHHH for 2006 were elected. They are:

Joan Black
Steve Barber
Vice President
Janet McGettrick
Beverly Elwell
Pamela Jackson

NCSHHH Receives IBM Grant: With IBM's help, North Carolina Self Help for Hard of Hearing People, Inc., (NCSHHH) will be able to improve accessibility in North Carolina agencies and shelters for hard of hearing women who experience sexual assault and domestic violence.

Our goal is to encourage and teach women with hearing loss to become independent and with this assistive technology the means to begin a new life away from the abuser.

Using the Grant NCSHHH will help the two coalitions supporting victims of sexual assault and domestic violence: (1) NC Coalition Against Sexual Abuse (NCCASA), and (2) NC Coalition Against Domestic Violence (NCCADV) by providing equipment and information to help them through this difficult period by helping them communicate better despite their hearing loss.

SHHH Wake Chapter Receives SAS Grant: Wake Chapter has been able to buy a computer projector using funds from a community service program from SAS Corporation. This projector will allow Wake Chapter to not only do professional presentations at their meetings, but also at outreach opportunities in the community.

Shared Programs for Chapters: If your chapter needs program material, then check out the list of shared programs .

If you have any program material such as PowerPoint presentations, scripts for skits, or just "how to" descriptions of program ideas that you'd be willing to share with other SHHH Chapters, see "How To Submit".

Other Shared Material for Chapters: A new Chapter Leaders List (CLL) Sharing Page has been started which allows Chapters to share useful information among themselves. The first entry is a really great set of newsletters and other material that shows how a successful donor recognition program can work.

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