NC-Self Help for Hard of Hearing Inc.

NC-SHHH Annual Meeting,

November 6, 1999, at Central North Carolina School for the Deaf


Trustees present: Frank Abernathy, Steve Barber, Joan Black, John Black,

Mimi Clifford, Patricia Carrier, Patricia Conley, Beverly Elwell, Wayne

Giese, Janet McGettrick, Ruth Miller, James Parker, Alison Turner, Myra

White, Susan Wilson.


Other NC-SHHH members present: Ed Clifford, Nelly Kelly, Rachel Ragin, Scott

& Holly Smith (Winston Salem), and Barbara Stenross.


Apologies: Rosemary Andrews, Andy Andrews, Anne McIntosh, Nancy McKeel, and

Bill Shugart.


The Minutes for May 1999 and August 1999 were approved as distributed and



Treasurer's Report: The Treasurer's Report was accepted (attached along with

the final 1999 Annual Financial Statement). There was a brief discussion of

expenditure approval, but further discussion on this particular matter was

delayed to a related item later on the agenda. Pat Carrier was given a vote

of thanks for her work.


Division of Services for Deaf and Hard of Hearing: We noted a very special

welcome (NC-SHHH regular member) Rachel Ragin who was recently appointed as

Interim Hard of Hearing Services Coordinator. Rachel lost most of her

hearing at age 3 from scarlet fever and refers to herself as 'hard of deaf'.

Rachel's background training is in speech pathology and she is currently

working towards her EDD Student Educational Leadership degree. She intends

to resurrect the Hard of Hearing Task Force Report, and is committed

personally and professionally to DSDHH. Yvonne Joyner's written quarterly

report will be included as one of our attachments.


NC Council for Deaf and Hard of Hearing: We discussed the four positions for

hard of hearing people on the Council -- three positions are for hard of

hearing consumers (Mimi Clifford, Beverly Elwell and Alison Turner) and one

position is for NC-SHHH's appointed representative (Steve Barber). We noted

differences in who appoints some of the representatives for the deaf (the

Governor) and who appoints representatives for the hard of hearing (the

Secretary of the Department of Health and Human Resources). Steve Barber

will work to ensure that we get/keep equal status with the deaf; legislation

for the council will be amended by the legislature in due course. He will

also provide the Board with a current list of who represents who, how they

were appointed, and the terms of appointment. The Trustees reappointed Steve

Barber to represent NC-SHHH's interest on the Council.


State Wide Reports:


Wayne Giese handed out his President's 1998-99 Report (Attached), outlining

NC-SHHH's important missions and thanked the Executive Committee and Board

for their support.


Pat Conley handed out and discussed her very comprehensive Final Report to

the Trustees, November 1, 1997 to October 31, 1999 (Attached). Amongst many

things, she noted that Susan Wilson and Patricia Conley were given

recognition for "perfect attendance" over the past two years.


Frank Abernathy handed out his State Coordinator's report (Attached), then

followed with a brief update discussion from/about individual



The Board confirmed, with appreciation, Nancy McKeel to represent and speak

out for NC-SHHH on the Governors Advocacy Committee for People with



Rosemary Andrews submitted a report to be handed out at this meeting

(Attached) on the Coalition on Aging, indicating that the Division of Aging

will ask the legislature for money to improve conditions in Nursing Homes

for persons who are deaf and hard of hearing. The Trustees voiced

appreciation for Rosemary's work with the Division on Aging, and reappointed

her as NC-SHHH's representative on the Coalition on Aging.


Old Business:


Beverly Elwell presented a written report/statements on the financial status

of NCSHHH. This follows from a requested follow-up on three questions.


The first question involved the Board setting aside funds raised with

NC-SHHH' s 1995 conference; the Board allocated (see minutes of Trustee

Meeting held in May 1996) $4,000.00 for seed money for a Future Conference,

$5,000.00 for Special Projects, $3,000.00 for Operating Expenses, and

$900.00 as a reserve. Funds available for operating expenses are depleted,

or nearly depleted. Beverly recommended, and the Board agreed to include a

report on the status of these allocated funds with the Treasurer's regular



The second question involved lack of documented approval (in the Minutes)

for many expenditures over the past several years. We agreed that each

expenditure for NC-SHHH must be approved by the Board, unless funds had been

included in a Board approved budget. The Board then reviewed individual

expenditures over the past four years as shown on financial statements

prepared by Pat Carrier, and included with Beverly's report above. All items

were approved (as listed) to formalize NC-SHHH's financial accountability.


The third question continues from question one above, NC-SHHH has been

spending funds, but not out raising offsetting funds to cover normal

operating expenses. Beverly recommended, and the Board agreed, that we would

come up with an operating budget for year 2000, and establish a Finance

Committee to come up with a fund raising plan.


New Business:


As discussed: the Advocacy Committee will be disbanded at the end of the

year. Results of the survey sent to national members residing in NC will be

attached to the Minutes. Founder's Day contribution for 1999 was tabled.

National SHHH plans for Better Speech and Hearing Month will be available

for review by the Trustees.


Ruth Miller (Chapel Hill Chapter) introduced Barbara Stenross, Secretary of

the Chapel Hill Chapter for many years, who has written a book "Missed

Connections" based on interviews with many of our members. Barbara will

donate some portion of the sale of the books to National and to NC SHHH.

The book is highly recommended.





At this time, the President opened the Annual Meeting for participation

by/with all members in good standing of NC-SHHH in attendance. (Note: No

proxy votes had been received by the Secretary).


Item 1: John Black proposed and the membership agreed:


Resolve that NC-SHHH create a position of Trustee Emeritus and, from time to

time, appoint qualified members of NC-SHHH to this position to advise the

Board on all activities relating to hard of hearing issues in North

Carolina. Appointments to the position of Trustee Emeritus are for life.

Trustee emeriti shall have every privilege accorded to other NC-SHHH

trustees, except the right to vote.


Resolved that NC-SHHH recognize as qualification for this position of

Trustee Emeritus those NC-SHHH members who have made significant

contributions in North Carolina to promote the purposes of NC-SHHH as stated

in Article Two from our bylaws:


A. Provide a focal point in the State for identifying the needs of hard of

hearing people in North Carolina and address those needs through discussions

with other organizations seeking common ground for recommendations or



B. Promote programs to make hearing loss an issue of State concern by

educating the public about such loss and supporting activities for its



C. Provide education for persons with hearing loss, their families and

friends on how best to cope with the condition.


D. Engage in free and open communication with all concerned with hearing

loss and in finding a common basis of mutual respect and understanding.


E. Serve as an extension of the national organization, Self Help for Hard of

Hearing People, Inc., in an effort to make hearing loss an issue of concern

within the State.


Resolve that. NC-SHHH will respect, be indebted, and hold in esteem the

accomplishments of our Trustee emeriti.


Item 2: On the proposal from the Nominating Committee (Article Seven,

Paragraph 4a. from the Bylaws), the membership elected the following as

Trustees of NC-SHHH:


1. James Parker (Asheville)

2. Wayne Giese (Catawba Valley)

3. Ruth Miller (Chapel Hill)

4. Beverly Elwell (Charlotte)

5. Myra White (Charlotte)

6. Anne McIntosh (Charlotte)

7. Rosemary Andrews (Durham)

8. Andy Andrews (Durham)

9. Dare Carden (Durham)

10. Susan Wilson (Greensboro)

11. Pat Conley (Hendersonville)

12. Steve Barber (Wake)

13. Janet McGettrick (Wake)

14. Bill Shugart (Winston-Salem)

15. Nancy McKeel (Parent of a Hard of Hearing Child)

16. Joan Black (At large)

17. John Black (At large)

18. Mimi Clifford (At large)

19. Alison Turner (At large)

20. Frank Abernathy (State Coordinator)



Item 3: On proposal from John Black, the membership elected Dorothy Allen

and Ed Clifford to the position of Trustee Emeritus.


At this time, the President closed the Membership Annual Meeting of NC-SHHH,

to reopen the Trustee's Annual Meeting.





As the next item of business, the Nominating Committee proposed, and the

Trustees elected the following as officers for the year 2000:


Beverly Elwell, President,

Jim Parker, Vice-President,

Joan Black and John Black, Secretary, and

Janet McGettrick. Treasurer



Next meeting was scheduled for February 5, 2000.


The meeting adjourned at ________.



Assistive Listening System microphones provided by John and Joan Black,

Receivers provided by Charlotte Regional Resource Center. Computer Assisted

Notetaking provided by Division of Services of Deaf and Hard of Hearing.


Lunch ($5.00) provided by Susan and Richard Wilson - with proceeds going to

Guilford SHHH Group.


Attachments (As distributed at the meeting but not included with this copy

of the minutes): Agenda, President's Final Report, Treasurer's Quarterly

Report, Treasurer's Audit, Secretary's Final Report, State Coordinators

Report, Coalition of Aging Quarterly Report, and "Let's Go Out Project",

As recorded by Pat Conley, with Joan and John Black