North Carolina Self Help for Hard of Hearing

Board of Trustee’s Meeting

Saturday, May 3, 2003

Heritage Greens, Greensboro, North Carolina


The Board of Trustees of NC-SHHH met on May 3, 2003, at Heritage Green, Greensboro NC.


In attendance were:   

Wayne Giese, Co-President                      Steve Barber (Wake SHHH)

Dianna Attaway, Co-President                                 John Kuhlman (Asheville SHHH)

            Hal Van Pelt, Secretary                                              Bill Shugart (Winston SHHH)

            Beverly Elwell, Treasurer                                  Richard Wilson (Guilford SHHH)

Susan Wilson, State Coordinator                         Ruth Miller (Chapel Hill SHHH)

Janet McGettrick  (Wake SHHH)                        

Myra White (Charlotte SHHH)

Anne McIntosh (Lake Norman SHHH)                        


NC-SHHH (non Trustee) member and guests: Jan Riddle (HHSS), Kim Calabretta (HHSS), Lydia Wheeler (CAN), Vicki Pinson (CAN), Ginger Jones (CSSC)




1.       Agenda for May 3 meeting

2.       Minutes of November 2, 2002 meeting 

3.       Treasurer’s report

4.       State Coordinator’s Report

5.       Registration forms for the Leadership Training Workshop




Wayne Giese called meeting to order at 10:00 am.  Thanks to the computer assisted note takers (CAN).  Roll call and regrets, quorum was established




Janet McGettrick (previous secretary) provided a copy of the minutes from the November 2002 meeting.  A correction was made (changed the statement that Ruth Miller was from Chapel Hill not Winston-Salem.)  Minutes were approved as corrected.




Treasurer Beverly Elwell did not have the April statement from the bank for the earned interest.  The current treasurer’s report was given to all members.  Beverly explained how the funds are allocated between the different special funds:  future conference, special project, operating expenses, and reserve.


It was noted the special project classification is no longer needed and will be deleted.  The balance of $5602.98 was in the account as of April 3, 2003.  The treasurer’s report was approved and accepted.










a.       Appointments for the Nominating Committee were made.  They are Susan Wilson, State Coordinator; Beverly Elwell, officer; Bill Shugart, Board of Trustee.  There was extensive discussion about filling vacant Trustee positions.  Susan Wilson stated she knows a mother of hard of hearing child from Winston-Salem who might be interested.  Wayne indicated a formal invitation would be issued to her.


The nominating committee was instructed to have a slate of officers for voting on at the November meeting.


b.       Susan Wilson will check into getting representation from the Durham chapter.


c.       John Kuhlman is representing Ashville now.


d.       Macon County does not have a representative.


e.       Susan Wilson will also talk with the Wilmington and Cape Fear areas about representation.  Anne suggested that an e-mail be sent to all members of the group to see if we can get someone involved. 


It was suggested that more state-wide involvement might be obtained if the Trustee meeting sites could be moved so that they are more accessible to those in the West and in the East. 


There was discussion about the Hard of Hearing Services Specialists helping out with getting new chapters started.  It was reported that these Specialists try to encourage and support the existing chapters but don’t really have time to get new ones started.   The interested parties have to do that themselves.  Hard of Hearing Services will be setting up a satellite office in Fayetteville and Susan Wilson is interested in working with them to get a new chapter started.


Anne suggested we contact cochlear implantees from UNC to let them know about SHHH and maybe get more involvement that way.  Steve suggested we get involved in the Cochlear Implant meetings to tell the SHHH story, provide brochures, and give info on contacting national and the Hard of Hearing Specialist in their area. 


f.        There was a discussion about a new opening at the Central Office of DSDHH.






Wayne reported that Jan Riddle has pretty much gotten them reestablished and they are meeting at the Pfeiffer Wellness center. They will meet every other month on Monday morning.



Anne McIntosh reported they have merged programs with other groups and done a lot of attendance boosting.  They have worked with the Charlotte Chapter and are trying to interact with other organizations such as Civitan, Lions Club, etc.



 Ruth reported their small group meets regularly but would like to do more with other groups ---maybe even merge into a Triangle Area Chapter with Durham.





Steve reported the chapter is really struggling for leadership.   It’s hard to find people to accept leadership positions.  But they are meeting regularly.  He also reported on a method to get CAN by remote…where the operator is in another city from the meeting but gets the proceedings over a phone line and types on a screen that is seen at the meeting.  He said it works beautifully and may be the answer for some chapters who have problems getting CAN operators.  


Kim stated she feels the chapter needs more publicity and needs some of the new people taking over leadership roles…not just the old members.


 Steve reported that National has a new 4-fold brochure coming out that is wonderful publicity and should be available to order.  He also has a brochure insert that can be adapted for any chapter interested in using it. 


There was further discussion about the cost of remote CAN.  Steve stated it might be less than what chapters have been using because there is no travel time.  He also said it might be something DSDHH might help pay for.



John reported they have about 40 on their mailing list and about 8-10 attending each meeting.  Mostl are interested in the social opportunities rather that advocacy.  He thinks that their first priority should be public awareness. 



Beverly stated that the Charlotte Chapter is having a lot of the same leadership problems as is Wake Chapter.  Rather than having officers they have  a leadership committee, but it tends to be the same people over and over.  They had very successful Cochlear Implant Symposium in January and thought they would get more interested in SHHH as a result, but that hasn’t happened.  Recent topics have been how hearing loss affects other family members and coping skills.  Majority of group enjoys social interaction.  



Bill stated their group is struggling but will survive.  They have speakers periodically.  Wayne suggested Winston-Salem and Lake Norman group might work together.   Susan reported she feels the Winston Group is doing well and has had some good speakers. 



 Susan reported they are struggling.   Only two people at the last two meetings.  Wayne noted that they lost a key member to National office.



 Dianna reported that they are having a problem getting new people.  Feels they probably need a time more accessible to working people.






There was extensive discussion about how the local chapters would obtain copies of the new 4-fold brochure being readied by National.  Anne made a motion that monies from the NC SHHH treasury be pre-approved for the purchase of these brochures by local chapters without the funds to buy them.   


Susan seconded the motion.  There was a lot of question about whether some would be free to the local chapters.


There was further note about the brochure insert prepared by Steve for the Wake Chapter.  It is produced on Publisher and can be adapted easily by any member with Publisher for his/her chapter.  The motion did not pass.


Janet made a motion that $100.00 be allocated for the purchase of these brochures to be distributed to various chapters or state officials as needed.  The motion passed unanimously.  The thought was that the treasurer would have the authority to do this if any were needed before the next meeting in November.





Susan passed out her report for everyone to read but discussed two main points:


1.)  A leadership conference that will be held in Greensboro on August 2.  It will cost $25 per person for the day.  The cost for the room will be $175.00 and should be a money-making situation for NCSHHH…probably several hundred dollars.  This seminar will benefit anyone looking for help with leadership…both Hard of Hearing and hearing.  Information will be given to fire, police, red cross, libraries, etc.    There will also be very specific information about starting up SHHH groups and there will be accessibility for deaf and hard of hearing. A map will be added to the brochure and perhaps an agenda.  


Jan said she would try to get approval from Raleigh for government employees who are required to achieve certain credits for this type of program.  If approval is received, a lot should be interested and the State would pay for it.


Beverly moved that $175.00 be approved for the treasurer to pay for up-front cost of room reservation for Leadership Training.  This will be reimbursed by any profit from the Training session.  Motion was seconded and passed. 


After further discussion about the need for additional money to cover up-front advertising, copying, postage, etc.  Ruth made a motion we add another $200.00 to the amount approved for the treasurer to issue for up-front costs for  the Training Seminar.  It was seconded by Richard and passed.


       2)  Susan also passed out a form to be filled out with information by the chapters that needs to go to  SHHH.                        


Susan also reported she has worked with Davidson County SDHH on starting a SHHH group.  Organizational meeting is planned for May 15.  They discussed getting some groups to meet together like Greensboro/Lexington/Winston-Salem.






Wayne reported on the various state councils which have NC-SHHH representatives: 


a.       Advisory Council for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing:  Ruth Miller, recently appointed by Executive Committee.


b.       Governors’ Advocacy Council for People with Disabilities – was Nancy McKeel; now need to appoint another person.


c.       Mental Health Services for the Deaf and Hard of hearing  - Beverly Elwell and Susan Wilson.


d.       Coalition on Aging - Charles Luther.


e    Fair Housing Coalition 2001  - Hal Van Pelt.


d.       Sign Language Licensure Board - Lorene Roberson, recently appointed by the Executive Committee.





Dianna, Wayne, Ruth, Janet, Myra, Beverly, Steve, and Alison Turner are planning to go.  There was extensive discussion about the state paying for the Hard of Hearing Specialists to go.  They can take leave and some were told they can use State Car.  That is all the State will do.  Jan will write a letter talking about the fact that involvement with SHHH is part of their job description, in hopes of getting things changed for future conventions.  There was discussion about getting sponsors to help pay some costs and Beverly has an anonymous donor who will help.  She will give those who need assistance this information so they can make the arrangements. 


Anne suggested making the leadership workshop an annual event and perhaps in November earmarking the profits for next year’s convention expenses.  Steve made the point that funds for this should be appropriated at the November 2003 meeting for the next convention so that the group could take advantage of lower fees for registration and hotel.


Janet moved we allocate $200 for specialists to use for the convention --- one or several to divide the money.  There was no second.


Wayne suggested the group also consider there may be board members who want to go but need financial assistance.  No board members indicated they were interested.


There was discussion about the fact the NCSHHH treasury is spending money on a regular basis without any coming in.    The group wants to be supportive of Hearing Specialists, but is feeling a severe financial crunch.   There was a lot of brain-storming on ways to get more money into the treasury and on how to get help to those who need it without giving to them directly (since the State does not allow that).


 Steve moved we allocate $300.00 to supplement the attendance of someone suitable at the conference and do it in a way that does not get them in trouble.  Ruth seconded the motion and it passed. 





There was discussion about getting new web site for NCSHHH that would not have ads popping up.  It would cost approximately $100.00 annually.  Ruth moved that money be appropriated for NCSHHH web site with understanding the usefulness of it will be evaluated each year.  Anne seconded the motion and it passed. 


Steve was presented with a certificate of appreciation for years of service to NCSHHH.


Vicki announced DSDHH Council meets May 30 in Wake Commons Building.


The meeting was adjourned at 3:30 p.m.  



Respectfully submitted,




Hal Van Pelt, Secretary