NC-SHHH Board of Trustees' Meeting

November 2, 2002

Heritage Green

810 Meadowood Road

Greensboro, NC


13 Trustees Present:

Steve Barber (Wake SHHH)

Marty Birnbaum (Charlotte SHIP/SHHH)

Joan Black (at large)

John Black (at large)

Beverly Elwell (Charlotte SHIP/SHHH)

Wayne Giese (Blue Ridge SHHH)

Janet McGettrick (Wake SHHH)

Anne McIntosh (Lake Norman SHHH)

Ruth Miller (Chapel Hill SHHH)

Bill Shugart (Winston-Salem SHHH)

Alison Turner (Wake SHHH)

Susan Wilson (State Coordinator and Guilford SHHH)

Hal Van Pelt (Lake Norman SHHH)


6 Visitors Present:

Dianna Attaway (Hendersonville SHHH)

Jill Hammill (sister of Alison Turner visiting from England)

Denise Portis (Guilford SHHH)

Terry Portis (Guilford SHHH)

Lorene Roberson (at large)

Richard Wilson (Guilford SHHH)


7 Regrets:

Frank Abernathy (Charlotte SHIP/SHHH)

Kim Calabretta (Raleigh Regional Resource Center - non-voting member)

Mimi Clifford (Trustee Emeritus - non-voting member)

Margie Gilmore (Wilmington RRC - non-voting member)

Jeffrey Mobley (Wilson RRC - non-voting member)

Jan Riddle (Morganton RRC - non-voting member)

Myra White (Charlotte SHIP/SHHH)


Additional Trustees Not Present:

Dorothy Allen (Trustee Emeritus)

Andy Andrews (Durham SHHH)

Joanna Chartemerle (Asheville RRC non-voting member)

Phil DeMaintenon (Better Hearing of Macon County)

Jim Parker (Asheville SHHH)

Rachel Ragin (DSDHH non-voting)

Sharon Wisner (Wake SHHH)

Parent of a HOH Child (unfilled position)


NCSHHH has 20 voting members. A quorum consists of 11 members. There were

13 voting members present at the Annual Meeting so a quorum was met.


Printed Material Distributed:

" Agenda for today's meeting

" Minutes of the May 4, 2002 meeting

" Treasurer's report

" President's Report for 2001 - 2002

" Charlotte SHIP/SHHH Chapter report

" State Coordinator's Report NC-SHHH

" National SHHH Convention Report, Seattle, Washington, by Mimi Clifford

" MH Advisory Council Report by Beverly Elwell

" Attendance chart listing names, chapters, comments, attending, voting data

" Quorum information: interest groups, chapters, representatives at large,

parent of HI child, state SHHH coordinator, trustees emeriti,

representative from DSDHH, and Hard of Hearing Service Specialists


Call to Order of Annual Meeting 10:25 A.M.

" Thanks to computer assisted notetakers.

" Roll call and regrets, quorum established


Minutes of the May 4th meeting

" There was a discussion of the funding for attendance at the 2002 SHHH

National Convention. $500 was donated by Dorothy Allen, $500 was donated

from the NCSHHH conference fund and $500 was anonymously donated from the

Charlotte area for a total of $1,500 for 3 trustees to attend. The

anonymous funding had not been approved by NCSHHH. There was a motion for

Susan Wilson to attend the convention with additional, approved funding

(after the fact). The vote passed. " The corrected minutes were voted on

and approved.


Treasurer's Report - John and Joan Black

" $5,797.53 balance in the treasury as of 10-11-02.

" The Council on Aging has not asked for $100 in dues. No dues have been

paid. " $750 has been returned to National SHHH for State Office money for

the State Pilot Project because we opted not to be a part of this project

any longer. " The treasury report was approved.


State Coordinator's Report - Susan Wilson

" Leadership Training for NC chapter leaders is planned for February 1,

2003. Anne McIntosh will lead the training on leadership. The training will

target achieving goals, getting new members, and keeping the old. " A

specific form must be used to officially change a local status from "group"

to "chapter." Susan has the necessary form. " National has 501 3 tax

exempt forms to use for fund-raising for special projects. See Susan for

the form or information. " See Susan's SHHH Convention report on the web


" John Black reported that at the Convention Mimi Clifford was commended

as a State Director. There was a discussion on Mimi's retirement from the

State Director's role. The trustees felt that with Mimi's leadership, NC

made a difference at National for being a good role model on how to run a

state organization. At this time we will not continue to be a part of the

State Pilot Project because our own state organization is sufficient. Both

structures are redundant. Ruth Miller will write a letter to National to

express our positive views on our role in the State Pilot Project. Steve

Barber would like to put this letter on our E newsletter on the webpage,

then send it on to National.


DSDHH Update - Wayne Giese

" Rachael Ragin's position has been vacant for a year.

" There was a management team meeting in October. The mission statement and

goals can be seen on the Internet at Go the the Division's

website from there. " Wayne reported changes in coordinators and

specialists in the different regions and stated that we have no one in

Central Division to look after our interests in the absence of Rachael. "

Money for the new FM system came from Raleigh. It is being used and

appreciated today.


Special Guest Speaker - Terry Portis, Executive Director of SHHH

" Terry Portis, new Executive Director, introduced himself and gave his

background and qualifications for the job. He gave several goals and

expectations. " He wants to hear from the membership, 15,000 people across

the country. What does the membership expect from the leadership of SHHH? "

He wants SHHH to be a place of encouragement.

" He wants to maintain a family atmosphere and involvement.



" Anne McIntosh - Anne plans to receive all information from everyone by

December 5 and get the newsletter out in January. " Mimi Clifford - Beverly

stated that Mimi wishes to thank everyone for their support in cards,

emails and attendance at Ed's memorial service. " Susan Wilson - asked for

$200 from NC-SHHH to help pay for CAN notetaking for a presenter at the

Assistive Technology Project. The request for $200 was approved and will be

moved out of NC-SHHH Special Projects Money. John will send the check to

Communications Services for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing , Greensboro.

The Annual Meeting was Adjourned at 3:40 PM


Call to Order of Board of Trustees Meeting at 3:40 PM


Election of Officers

" The slate of officers was presented by Anne McIntosh, nominating

committee chairperson. Other members of the nominating committee: Bill

Shugart and Susan Wilson. " The slate of officers are as follows:

Co-Presidents: Wayne Geise and Dianna Attaway

Vice President: Anne McIntosh

Secretary: Hal Van Pelt

Treasurer: Beverly Elwell

State Coordinator: Susan Wilson

" These Executive Committee Officers were elected unanimously for the year

2003. " The Board of Trustees gives approval for Beverly Elwell, treasurer,

to have the authority to sign checks. Either of the 2 presidents will have

the authority to sign checks if a back up is needed.


Election/Appointment of Board of Trustees

Voting (16)

Joan Black (at large)

John Black (at large)

Lorene Roberson (at large)

Wayne Giese (Blue Ridge SHHH)

Ruth Miller (Chapel Hill SHHH)

Myra White (Charlotte SHIP/SHHH)

Beverly Elwell (Charlotte SHIP/SHHH)

___________(Guilford SHHH) - to be appointed by Co-Presidents once

approval/consent is received from Guilford SHHH) Dianna Attaway

(Hendersonville SHHH)

Anne McIntosh (Lake Norman SHHH)

Hal Van Pelt (Lake Norman SHHH)

Steve Barber (Wake SHHH)

Janet McGettrick (Wake SHHH)

Bill Shugart (Winston-Salem SHHH)

_________(Parent of HOH Child) - to be appointed by Co-Presidents

Susan Wilson (State Coordinator)

Non-voting (9)

Alison Turner (Trustee Emeritus)

Dorothy Allen (Trustee Emeritus)

Mimi Clifford (Trustee Emeritus)

___________(DSDHH Representative) - to be appointed by Co-Presidents once

DSDHH submits name Joanna Chantermerle (ARRC's HHSS)

Jan Riddle (MRRC's HHSS)

Kim Calabritta Raleigh's RRC HHSS)

Margie Gilmore (Wilmington's RRC HHSS)

Jeffery Mobley (WRRC's HHSS)


Special thanks noted:

Janet McGettrick - transporting ALDs from DSDHH

Richard Wilson - providing directions to meeting place, map of eating

locations and name tags Susan Wilson - CRRC's ALDs, securing meeting place,

inviting special guest, Terry Portis DSDHH - providing CAN and ALDs

Lydia Wheeler, Jean Deese and Donna Phoenix - CAN reporters

Wayne Giese - MRRC's ALDs, assistance with setting up ALDs

Hal van Pelt, Marty Birnbaum and Anne McIntosh - assistance with setting up

room for meeting


The meeting was adjourned at 3:50 PM.