Location: Heritage Greens, 810 Meadowood Road, Greensboro, NC


Trustees present: Jim Parker, Wayne Giese, Janet McGettrick, Marty Birnbaum, Mimi Clifford, Ed Clifford, Rachael Ragin, Susan Wilson, Bill Shugart, Ann McIntosh, Joanna Chantemerle, Joan Black, John Black, Frank Abernathy, Steve Barber, Richard Wilson and Ruth Miller.

Guests: Brenda Battat ( National SHHH staff member and State Pilot Coordinator) and Charles King


Printed Materials Distributed:

Corrected Minutes of May 19, 2001 NCSHHH Board of Trustees meeting

Minutes of August 4, 2001 NCSHHH Board of Trustees meeting

Agenda for November 17, 2001 NCSHHH Board of Trusees meeting

Treasurer’s report

State Coordinators Report

State Pilot Project Update: June - October 2001

State Office Models

State Association Policy Review and Issues Raised

Email petition letter for surgical masks

Ideas and Suggestions for establishment of a coalition for the D/HH/DB population

Champions for Children with Hearing Loss brochure


Call to Order: Saturday, November 17, 2001 at 10:15 A.M. by Beverly Elwell


Minutes of the August email meeting presented by Beverly Elwell.

            The closing of the Central School for the Deaf  left no meeting place for NCSHHH. An email meeting was agreed on.  During this email meeting it was difficult to establish a quorum,  vote on issues, distribute information and have all computers functioning properly. The corrected minutes were distributed. The minutes were reviewed and accepted.


Treasurer’s Report presented by John and Joan Black

            The balance for the NCSHHH treasury excluding the State Pilot money is

$7, 062.05. There was a discussion on whether the money for the State Pilot’s Program should be in a separate account or part of the NCSHHH treasury. Mimi emphasized that the Pilot Program should not be a separate organization but a part of NCSHHH, aimed to strengthen the association, not split it. There was a motion that the Pilot money be put in the NCSHHH treasury. The motion was voted on and passed.

John wants to establish a financial committee and start fundraising.


NC State Coordinator’s Report presented by Susan Wilson

            Susan attended the National SHHH Leadership Training in September. This training enabled her to set the following goals; gather information from chapters/groups,

meet with chapter/group leaders to discuss concerns and plan a leadership seminar for NC-SHHH. See the “State Coordinators Report” hand-out for additional details. The chapters’ reports are also included.


Hearing Aid Insurance Petition presented by Rachael Ragin

            Rachael has been “writing a position paper in regards to the Hearing Aid Insurance Bill.” Next, we need a presentable bill sponsored by NCSHHH, not an agency. Brenda Batatt stated that National can put us in touch with other states who are doing the same thing.


Mentoring Program presented by Anne McIntosh

            The Big Brothers Big Sisters Champions Program of Charlotte pair Deaf and Hard of Hearing adults and children. The D/HH adults serve as positive role models for school aged children in Mecklenburg County. See the hand-out for more details. 


State Pilot Project presented by Mimi Clifford

·        There are 5 states in the Pilot: GA, TX, MI, NC and PA. State directors are in place. Mimi is the director for NC. HQ allocated start-up funds to the 5 states. Stationery for each state office has an official logo. Each state must have an EIN number, a social security number to open a bank account.

·        At HQ there is a page for each state on the SHHH websight. There is a promotion of states through an on-line newsletter. HQ gives updates on SHHH federal advocacy, asistance with grant writing and sharing of ideas for programs and fundraising.

·        Mimi says there are 2 priorities for NC; membership and a state newsletter. Susan Wilson will lead us in the membership drive and Anne McIntosh will edit the state newsletter. Leadership training in NC would be helpful. The staff at the Regional Centers want such training but do not have the available funds.

·        NCSHHH has a 501c3 number and with that we can write grants. John Black says in order to continue to use the number, we will have to pay annual fees and back fees, perhaps $500. We need to resolve by email whether we should use National’s 501c3 or pay the fee to continue our number.

·        A meeting with George McCoy verifies that he will support NCSHHH issues and lend financial support when possible.


Comments from National presented by Brenda Battat

Brenda distributed the “State Association Policy Review - Issues Raised.” Many changes in the state association policies are being considered:

·        The color of the SHHH logo is optional. The state offices have designed their own logo.

·        The state association committee of the board of trustees has been discontinued.

      Reports should be sent to the director of state development at the national office.

·        State associations no longer must follow model bylaws and standing rules provided by SHHH. Current SHHH state association bylaws are too restrictive. States should be able to write their own bylaws.

·        State associations will not be forced to promote programs, projects and fund-raisers sponsored by National. Many states have enough to do to promote their own projects. National should support state projects as much as states support national in so far is possible.

·         National and state organizations should work together as a team on the cost of conferences, trainings, etc. One should not be supporting the other but working as a team on costly conferences and other items.


See Brenda’s hand-out for a more detailed review of issues raised.


Announcements/Concerns from the membership

·        Anne distributed a petition for clear surgical masks and the address of Susan Anderson.

·        State budget cuts were discussed.

·        Beverly and others stated a need to establish a coalition representing all consumer organizations serving deaf, hard of hearing and deaf/blind individuals.This would create a broad based political action group to respond to the governer and the legislature. See hand-out.

·        Assistive Listening Devices for the Resource Centers:                                            Charlotte’s system has been sent in for repair according to Susan. In some regions the systems are not working or there are no batteries because of state budget problems. NCSHHH needs to be supportive in getting the devices in good order.

·        National SHHH membership sponsored by NCSHHH:                                             Brenda Battat says we don’t need to sponsor memberships because anyone can write National and become a member. Toni Barrient is the contact. Email tbarrient@shhh.org.  Joan Black will help Charles Luther of Burlington get membership.


Next meeting - Our next meeting will be by email because of widespread interest. There were concerns about tying up loose ends and creating more organization and structure to be more effective than our last email meeting.


New officers for year 2002

The following trustees were voted in as officers for 2002:

Beverly Elwell and Anne McIntosh --- co-presidents

Jim Parker --- vice president

Rachael Ragin --- secretary

John and Joan Black --- treasurer


Adjournment - The meeting was adjourned at 2:42 P.M.


Submitted by Janet McGettrick

Secretary NCSHHH 

November, 2001