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Shared Material for CLL

This page provides the SHHH Chapter Leaders List with a way to share materials. Originally we shared material through the Yahoo Group pages, but we quickly ran out of space, and it was too limited because it meant that the material could only be accessed by those who were willing to register and sign in as Yahoo Group members.

So, take a look the program materials in the table below. If you see something you'd like, click on the link and check it out. Feel free to use it for your SHHH chapter needs. Think about what materials you might have that could be shared with other SHHH chapters through this page, and submit them to

Please note: The materials provided here are ONLY meant for use by SHHH chapters and are not meant for general public use.

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About this Material

The table below offers SHHH member-supplied material for chapters to use. Some examples of things you can share through this page might be example brochures, newsletters, thank-you letters, bulletin board items, posters, logos, etc. There is a separate web page, similar to this one, for sharing PowerPoint slide presentation or other program material which can be seen at: Programs Sharing Page.

Material posted here can be downloaded and can be freely used by any SHHH chapter. Most things are designed to be used as examples, but some may be directly usable. If you make changes to the material, please leave any reference the material contains that give credit to the original author.

How To Share Your Material

If you have a material suitable for sharing, please sent it along with your name, your chapter and permission to list and disseminate it here to So, please do what you can to make the material directly usable by other people.

You MUST obtain and include permission from the original author if your program material contains copyrighted material or was adapted primarily from a copyrighted source.

Chapter Leaders List Shared Material
Newsletters and Other Material Showing Donor Publicity
Submitted by: Steve Frazier, Albuquerque, NM Chapter

The several files provide examples of a successful donor program from Albuquerque, NM. Included are exmaple newsletters with donor recognition, a brochure and various letters related to donor activity. The files are all Adobe Acrobat (.pdf) files so you may download and view them on any PC which has the free Adobe Acrobat Reader installed.

Presentation Board Materials
Submitted by: Steve Barber, Wake Chapter, Raleigh, NC

These are several files that you might be able to use or might give you ideas for things to add to a presentation board. In addition to these things, our board includes images of our State web page, and some photos of happy people enjoying HLA activities. I've included images (both .jpg and .gif) which you might be able to print and cut into parts. Of course, you'll only be able to use the parts that are of general interest, and not those that are related only to our chapter.

I've also included the .psd files from Adobe Elements. The .psd files can be opened and edited in Adobe Elements or (I think) Adobe PhotoShop, so if you can edit them, you can change my local stuff to your local stuff.

Most of the downloadable things below consist of several things you might be able to use that have been composited into a printable 8.5x11 layout. I used photo paper to print the things and that looks pretty good. I cut out the various things I wanted to use and attached them to our presentation board with velcro cubical squares I bought at Staples, but double sided tape might work, too.

Warning, the .psd files can get large, so they'll take several minutes to download if you're using dialup. The other files are relatively small.

If you have presentation board material you can share, send it to and I'll add your contributions to this table. To the extent possible, it would be nice to have material that can be directly used without editing by other chapters (.jpg, .gif, or .pdf files would be nice). Editable files containing presentation board material such as Word, PowerPoint, Publisher, or Graphics programs like Adobe Elements can also be shared here.

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