Hearing Loss Association of North Carolina

Local Chapters

Local HLAA-NC chapters are where much of the magic of HLAA occurs. Local chapters are organized by volunteers who have personal experience with hearing loss. They have one main goal: to help others with hearing loss.

Local chapters usually hold informal monthly meetings that have a short program about some topic related to hearing loss and offer a chance for you to meet others with hearing loss who will share their valuable experience with hearing loss.

Most local chapter meetings are accessible to people with hearing loss. Some have assistive listening systems; some even have Computer Assisted Notetaking (CAN), but all have people who understand how to communicate with a someone with hearing loss ... you're sure to find people with whom you can relate.

No one will try to sell you anything at the local chapters. We hope you'll want to join HLAA (you can do that on-line at, but you won't encounter any sales pitches ... just free help and opportunities to learn.

Shouldn't You Get Involved?

You're always welcome at HLA local chapter meetings, whether you

  • have a hearing loss
  • are a friend or family of someone with a hearing loss
  • are a professional in the hearing industry

Whether you are new to hearing loss, or an expert at hearing loss, there's always something to learn or something to share that can help.

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Find a Local Chapter

North Carolina currently has several active chapters. These local affiliates provide you with the opportunity to meet others with hearing loss and to learn about overcoming hearing loss. Attend the next meeting in your area and start doing something good about hearing loss.

  • Asheville Chapter
  • Brevard Chapter
  • Charlotte Chapter
  • New Bern Chapter
  • Wake Chapter (Raleigh)

    Find a Regional Representative

    In addition to the Local Chapters shown above, HLAA-NC is piloting a program of identifying qualified local HLAA-NC representatives who have volunteered to help provide information to people with hearing loss in regions across North Carolina that may not have a local chapters. These HLAA-NC Regional Representatives have been designated by HLAA-NC and can provide information to people about hearing loss in general or about Hearing Loss Association of America. They are not hearing health professionals, but as HLAA Members, they have extensive, first-hand knowledge of hearing loss from a consumer perspective. If you're an HLAA member and can represent HLAA-NC in an area without a chapter, Email Steve Barber and volunteer.

    Start a Local Chapter

    If there's not a local chapter near you, do not despair. HLAA-NC is always interested in starting new chapters in any area where there is interest. For more information about starting a new HLAA chapter in NC, contact the HLAA Chapter Coordinator, Erin Emirante at: or phone her at 301-657-2248.

    if you are interested; perhaps there are others in your area who would be willing to help start a new Chapter in your area.

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