ald An Assistive Listening Device (ALD) is any device that helps you overcome your hearing loss. Usually the term ALD is applied to personal devices that transmit, process, or amplify sound, but usually not used to refer to hearing aids. Term may also refer to alerting devices. The example shown is a typical FM receiver. See also audioloop, FM, infrared, amplified telephone, or telephone amplifier.

ALDs bring distant sounds directly into your ear and can eliminate background noise. Some people incorrectly believe that ALDs are only for people with very serious hearing losses. It's true that ALDs can be a big help for them, but it's also true that ALDs can help people with milder losses ... even people who don't wear a hearing aid.

Many public accommodations such as theaters, movies, and auditoriums are required by the ADA to have ALDs to loan to patrons. Many churches now offer ALDs to loan to worshipers. The symbol at the left should be displayed with ALDs to offer.

ALDs can be used without a hearing aid with the "user interface" being a headphone, or earbuds, but they are especially effective when used with hearing aids. When used with hearing aids, it's important to consider how the ALD will interface to the hearing aid. The best choices are:

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