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Advertising Now Available

HLA-NC now offers different ways for businesses and other organizations related to hearing loss to advertise on these web pages and to help promote Hearing Loss Association in North Carolina.

We offer banner ads and sponsored articles.

  • You can purchase a banner ad is a business card sized image file that is randomly displayed on most of the HLAA-NC web site pages along with other banner advertisers. Each banner ad also includes a "right margin icon". The banner ad and right margin icon can link to any web site or email address you prefer. Banner ads are $100/year.
  • Banner ads are also offered for free to any NC Walk4Hearing sponsor at the $250 level or higher in addition to the normal benefits of NC Walk4Hearing sponsorship.
  • Sponsored "Articles" may be submitted that promote your company, products or services and will be included in the "Articles" section of our web site. Sponsored articles will be clearly marked as "Sponsored". For information on fees for Sponsored Articles, please email Steve Barber.

Your banner ad will look similar to the banner ads at the right of this page and will be displayed on most of the pages of the HLA-NC web site ... Now including every glossary definition page in our Hard of Hearing Glossary. When someone clicks on your ad, they'll be taken directly to your own home page.

To make it easy for you, we'll even create an ad for you that incorporates your graphics, text and colors ... or if you prefer, you can create your own image in the right size, and we'll use that.

If you make a donation to either HLA-NC or to any North Carolina local chapter, we'll be happy to include a small banner advertisement on our HLA-NC web pages for 12 months.

HLA-NC and some local Chapters are 501 c3 organizations, so your donation can be considered a tax deduction.

All banner ads will be related to hearing loss, so this represents a terrific opportunity for extremely focused delivery of your message to potential customers for businesses or organizations such as ENTs, Audiologists, Distributors of Hearing Aids or, Assistive Technology Companies, Assistive Technology Providers and Special Communication providers such as Relay.

While HLA-NC accepts advertising for its web page, it does not imply endorsement of businesses or organizations.

You'll be sure to get plenty of focused exposure with your advertisement. See our recent statistics in this image:

How It Works

Whenever someone views almost any page at the HLA-NC web site, a random banner ad will be displayed for 8 seconds. Then, each of the remaining banner ads will be displayed sequentially for 8 seconds each. This process will continue repeating the cycle as needed for as long as the page is displayed.

If the user selects a different page at the HLA-NC web site, the process starts over with a random banner ad for that new page.

The banner ads are designed to be attractive without being annoying, and their position varies from page to page to provide variety and keep the viewer's attention.

Each of the pages containing banner ads will also offer the viewer the chance to select and lock in any banner ad, so it will be easy for them to find an ad they've just seen, or to choose to view some particular ad they haven't seen yet.

Each banner ad is an image file of exactly the right size to be replaceable without changing the page layout.

Each banner ad can be a link to your own web page or to an email "mailto" address that you would choose.

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Donations to HLA-NC may be made by check sent to the HLA-NC Treasurer

Please send contributions or advertisement sponsorship fees to:

Attn: Deborah Stroud
10350 Sugarberry Court, Apt. 304
Raleigh, NC 27614

Donations to local chapters in NC may be made by check sent to either the Treasurer of the local chapter (See the appropriate chapter page under Chapters, or to the HLA-NC Treasurer (please put the chapter of your choice on the check if you want your donation to go to a particular chapter).

Now, you can also pay on-line with a credit card. It's easy and convenient.

Of course, you're welcome to make a donation to HLA-NC or to any local chapter whether you want a banner ad or not, but if you'd like to have a banner ad, then see the next section on how to set it up.

Note that some local chapters are not 501 c3 organizations, so if that is a problem, you may wish to choose HLA-NC as the recipient your donation.

Other advertising and sponsorship opportunities exist including:

  • Paid Articles
  • Local NC Walk4Hearing Sponsorships
If you have any questions about advertising at this site, email Steve Barber at: steve.barber@earthlink.net.

Setting Up a Banner Ad

To set up your banner ad, contact the HLA-NC web developer at steve.barber@earthlink.net. He will help you choose the color, text (such as your company slogan), an appropriate image (such as your company logo), and the web address (if you have one) that you want your banner to link. Then he'll develop your banner ad for your approval.

Once you have approved your ad, it will be added to the tables which drive the the random display selection process and to the pulldown that allows users to select any particular ad.

For donations of $100 or more, your ad is placed on the HLA-NC Home page and on all Chapter pages, and it will remain there for a year. Everyone who visits those pages will see the randomly displayed banner ads in the table. If they click on your ad, then your web page will be displayed.

You may even make larger donations in multiples of $100 and your banner ad will be placed into the random display selection table multiple times to increase the probability that it will be displayed. If you'd prefer, you may use the same banner ad for all your positions in the table, or you may request different banner ads for each $100 donation.

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