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Hearing Loss Association of America is the nationís largest organization for people with hearing loss. HLAA exists to open the world of communication for people with hearing loss through information, education, advocacy and support.  HLAA is headquartered in Bethesda, MD. It's a non-profit staffed by a small, dedicated team that supports the all-volunteer state and chapter organizations across the country. If you are interested in hearing loss, then you should join HLAA. You'll become a part of a revolution helping hard of hearing people and you'll receive other benefits including an excellent magazine full of wonderful information that will help you. Should You Be Involved with HLAA?

You can learn more about HLAA (including how to join) at the www.hearingloss.org web site. Be sure to bookmark (mark as favorite) both this HLA-NC site and the HLAA site so you can return to both easily and often.


HLA-NC is an HLAA State Association. Actually, HLA-NC was the FIRST HLAA State Association sanctioned by HLAA. It was established by forward thinking HLAA volunteers in North Carolina in the early 90s to provide a voice for HLAA at the state-level.

Julie Bishop, President of HLA-NC Julie Bishop, President, invites you to get involved with HLAA at the chapter, state or national level.

HLA-NC strives to represent the interests of Hard of Hearing people in NC while supporting HLAA overall goals and encouraging local chapters in NC. Each chapter in North Carolina can have up to three of its members act as Trustees for HLA-NC. In addition, several Trustee slots are allocated for HLAA members who are not affiliated with a local chapter. You don't have to be a Trustee to get involved, anyone interested in HLA-NC can attend its meetings. We invite you to contacting anyone on the HLA-NC Contacts page to let them know you are interested.

Learn more about HLA-NC:

HLA-NC is Non-Profit with 501(c)(3) status so your donations to HLA-NC may be tax deductible. Our EIN is 56-1927183. View our:

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Local HLAA chapters are where the bulk of the HLAA magic happens. That's where local volunteers, most of whom have learned a lot about hearing loss by being Hard of Hearing, meet (usually) monthly to share what they've learned with welcome visitors and new members. You're invited to attend local chapter meetings, where you can meet other members and learn from interesting programs.

HLAA members meet regularly

Local chapter meetings usually have a brief program about some aspect of hearing loss and offer a chance to meet others in your community who are learning about making the most of their hearing. Programs vary, but might cover topics such as:

  • Hearing aid features
  • Understanding Your Audiogram
  • Coping with Noise
  • Dealing with Work Issues
  • Funding Help
  • Assistive Listening Devices
  • Tinnitus
  • Balance
  • Service Animals
  • Communications Access

We encourage you to bring friends and family members, since hearing loss always affects friends and family as well as the person with a hearing loss. Local chapters have no dues and are supported by volunteers, donations, community groups (like Sertoma) and fundraisers. You are always welcome at HLAA local chapters.

Find a local HLAA chapter in NC at our HLA-NC Chapters page. If there's one near you, do call or email them and arrange to attend at an upcoming meeting. You'll be glad you did. If there is not a local chapter near you, already, please consider starting one.

For more information about starting a new HLAA chapter in NC, contact the HLAA Chapter Coordinator, Ed Obliga at: eogiba@hearingloss.org or phone 301-657-2248. You'll find lots of help and maybe even meet others in your area who can help.

Who Should Belong to HLAA?

People with any level of hearing loss

If you currently wear hearing aids, or use a cochlear implant, then you need to belong to HLAA. Hearing loss is not a "spectator sport". Making the most of your hearing and the technology and strategies that you use to enhance your hearing and communication is a continual learning process. Local chapters give you a chance to meet and share information with others who are successfully making the most of their hearing. There is much to learn and HLAA membership and participation in a local chapter is one of the absolute best ways to make the most of your hearing.

People considering a hearing aid or a cochlear implant

Buying hearing aids or deciding to have a cochlear implant is a MAJOR decision and a SIGNIFICANT financial commitment. It only makes sense to learn from others who've been through it (SUCCESSFULLY) about what to expect, what features work the best and how they might benefit you. There's no better place to find and meet successful people with hearing loss that at an HLAA local chapter meeting (or at the National HLAA convention). Joining HLAA and reading the unbiased articles in the wonderful magazine can give you the right perspective to prepare you to be a successful consumer when you finally do go shopping.

Family and friends of people with hearing loss

Hearing loss affects not only the person with the loss, but everyone around them. Parents of children, children of parents, spouses, siblings or even friends of people with hearing loss need to be aware of how to help or communicate best with someone they care about who has a hearing loss. HLAA provides help for everyone affected by hearing loss, whether it's their own hearing loss or someone they care for.

Professionals involved with hearing loss

There are many professionals who need to understand the consumer side of hearing loss: audiologist, hearing aid dealers, speech therapists, physicians (ENTs, Otolaryngologists, Otologists, Otorhynolaryngologists), counselors, vocational rehabilitation specialists, educators, legislators. HLAA provides a unique opportunity to view hearing loss from the inside out, to meet with and share ideas with people actually dealing successfully with hearing loss.

Church and business leaders

If your church or business isn't accessible to people with hearing loss, then you should be very interested. With so many of your customers or members having some degree of hearing loss, it makes good business sense to distinguish your church or business by making it more accessible. There are dramatic advances in hearing assistance technology that make it possible for your church or business to be accessible to people with hearing loss. It's estimated that one in ten people have some level of hearing loss, and many of them need better access if they are going to be members or customers of your church or business. HLAA offers access to unbiased information about how to make your church or business more accessible.

People interested in advocating for hearing loss resources

Technology and disability laws are finally actually making some real strides in making the world accessible to people with hearing loss. We need to advocate for better and more available hearing aid and cochlear implant insurance policies. We need to advocate for better aural rehabilitation opportunities. By pooling our advocacy resources under the credentials of HLAA, we can make a bigger difference when we educate the public, businesses, and legislators about what works.

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